Community Edition

Learn, develop and play for free with the community edition.

Ideal for all non-ip related programs.

Download link: VIPM

To fully utilize the community edition you will need to request a free license by contacting: ""

Please note that you have to make all source code publicly available when using the community edition.

Development License

Develop your commercial applications with incredible performance on both multithreaded CPU and GPU via OpenCL or CUDA without restrictions.

Download link: NI Tools Network

price: 2450 - £2140- $2500 - Perpetual

NI Product Number: 789831-35

or contact NI Sales for purchase

Runtime License

Run executables build with G²CPU while maintaining the possibility to switch between compute technologies.

price: 490 - £430 - $500 - Perpetual

NI Product Number: 789832-35

or contact NI Sales for purchase

Real Time Edition

Coming soon!