The most complete GPU library for LabVIEW

Hundreds of functions

G²CPU provides an ever expanding set of funtions so you can become a master in GPU computing. These range from basic mathematics to signal processing. Each function supporting the CUDA, OpenCL and multithreaded CPU backend. 

  • Data Management
  • Math
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Vector Algorithms
  • Logic
  • Signal Processing
  • Machine Vision
  • Image processing

Much more to come...

Run your code on any platform at any time


Through the ArrayFire backend you will be able to use the industries most powerfull graphics cards made by NVIDIA.


Use the most capable graphics accelerators on your computing racks. Don't hold back with the latest desktop GPU's in your next setup. Or use passively cooled GPU's in your next cleanroom compliant machine.


Don't be stuck with just one vendor. The ArrayFire backend allows your code to run on accelerators from Intel to AMD to NVIDIA without any issues. 

Accelerate your code for your customers laptop with only an Intel iGPU or blast by your competitors with by using the Intel iGPU of your next PXIe tool.

All without hooking up an external GPU.


Sometimes the onboard accelerator just can't beat a multicore processor. Through the ArrayFire backend your application can easily pivot to make optimal use of your multicore CPU.

Operations will be spread across all CPU cores without worrying about distributing data. Letting you focus on what is important.

Unparalleled performance

Unlock the full power of your system with G²CPU no matter the circumstances. You or your users can choose at any time to choose the desired acceleration. As G²CPU is build on top of ArrayFire you will get close to the actual theoretical performance of any hardware you use.

Powered by ArrayFire

We know that reliability is the most important part of any application. Due to this we build G²CPU on top of ArrayFire, the industries leading high-performance computing platform. Ensuring that you will always have the most cutting edge functions available with a stability you can trust upon.

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cooperate with others

We understand that development does not happen in a vacuum.

Easily send over data from G²CPU to other programming languages that use ArrayFire. We provide you with all the tools to immediately access array pointers so you can easily cooperate with other teams and competences.